My Companion Outfit

This is a Doctor Who inspired outfit I put together.

I love this t-shirt because it’s actually feminine. It’s a v-neck babydoll, which is unusual in ‘geeky’ tees. The top is evidently a bit low cut, so I might get a white tank top, that has a lace trim, to wear under it. I’d have to add some thigh high Doctor Who socks, because they’re cool.

f116_something_blue_vneck_ladies_tee      f21e_doctor_who_over_the_knee_socks_grid

I’d pair those with a cute cargo style skirt, a pair of ankle high wedges, and a Doctor Who themed tote bag.

6159MQ5nXBL._SL1001_              815d0lIIsuL._SL1500_

Around my neck a Gallifreyan necklace, and maybe a cute bangle for my wrist. For make up I would get a couple of colors from the Timey Wimey collection: Bad Wolf and Bigger on the Inside.

necklace      dwbangle  badwolf


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