The Peacekeeper

Another science fiction show inspired outfit, I had Aeryn Sun (Farscape) in mind when I was looking for some items. She typically wears all leather, but that’s not what I was going for, I just wanted a similar ‘feel’. It’s a very simple outfit, easy to put together.

For pants I wanted a cargo look, and I decided to go with the black vest and a white tank top, instead of Aeryn’s black tank top and long leather jacket. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact style of cargos I was hoping for, but the ones I found will do.

51BJi7yXrKL._SL1000_       61i30BVyWAL._SL1280_

I’m pairing this with some kick-ass boots, and Farscape Peacekeeper logo earrings. For make up I looked to the ‘Scapers’ collection, and found Guiding Star and for nail polish I found ‘Liviathan‘ on Etsy.

bootsil_fullxfull.430663561_tcpy    yhst-130608566427852_2254_7157322


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